The Lottery


I’ve been watching the Running Man since Friday the 13th when the lottery for the Marine Corps Marathon started.  5 days past and I’m still staring at the same Running Man.  I didn’t realize it was this difficult to even register for it.  Last year, my name was unexpectedly selected to run the NYC Marathon – only 1 in 10 are picked so I was ecstatic to have the chance to run it. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  I would love to run it again, but I have many other marathons to mark off my list (Chicago, Portland, Seattle – maybe a race in every state?…) .  The lottery is open until the 23rd so I’m keeping my fingers crossed the Running Man finishes his run and allow me to register!

This is my third week of running after a 3-week break due to ankle and hamstring pain.  I feel the usual aches in my right foot/ankle but nothing too detrimental.  By the next day after a fairly hard run, I recover enough to handle a slow and easy pace. Currently, I’m experimenting with my heart rate monitor as this is the first time I’ve really used it to gauge my pace and the way I feel instead of just running a particular pace.  So far, I think it has helped me in keeping my long runs relaxed as I tend to get carried away when with a group and usually end up running faster than what my body can manage, hence the resulting injuries.  I will continue to track my heart rate and plan to run my half marathon using my HRM as a guide to dictate my speed rather than a planned pace per mile.

Only 5 weeks of training left until the La Jolla Half Marathon – a beautiful scenic course along the coast.  Yikes check out the elevation profile!  Although, I’m terrified of the hills, I’m excited to run this race.