Time for the Holiday Fitness Streak

Thanksgiving is around the corner and talks of the Runners World Run Streak is in the airwaves.


I did it in 2013, two months after I gave birth to my second child.  It was a motivation for me to return to running so I can develop the habit and build a base to run a half marathon the following year.

As tempted as I am to do another running streak, it would be an unwise decision.  Although my right ankle feels okay (I haven’t ran since MCM marathon in late October), I’m afraid the discomfort would creep back if I were to run everyday even if the minimum is only a mile a day.  Still, I want to participate.  Fortunately, in the latest issue of Runner’s World, it provided alternative ways such as the “Strength-Move” streak where every day you perform a movement that strengthens your body i.e. pushups, squats, planks.  I like this idea because of my recent ‘high triglyceride’ discovery (read about it in my previous post), I wanted to spend more time strength-training to build more muscle and lose fat.

Here’s my STRENGTH STREAK plan.  Every day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, I will spend the minimum of 15 minutes strength-training.  I can already foresee tough days ahead with regards to schedule (especially when we travel), but I will figure it out along the way.  I will post daily updates on my twitter page – 

Anyone else participating in the RWRunStreak or their own version of a fitness streak over the holidays?