Outdoorsy Weekend

In America’s Finest City, to be specific San Diego – finding an outdoor activity to enjoy with the family is an easy task.  The kids love the water so that every weekend you can find us frolicking either the bay or the beach.  However, this past Saturday we ventured out for a family hike, an activity we haven’t done in awhile because we were too busy cooling off at the beaches. Since we are now experiencing the fall weather, a trek on the trails was a welcoming change to our usual beach days.  We had a friend visiting who used to live near Mission Trails so this is where we decided to go.

Mission Trails Regional Park

It was only a 20 minute drive from our house but we didn’t leave until late in the afternoon. We selected a short loop from/to the visitor’s center – Visitor Center Loop Trail, a 1.4 mile leisurely moderate trail perfect for the kids.  Looking at the map, we were hoping for a better view of the river but it was further down the trail.  We did catch glimpses of it along the way.

The girls surprised me as they walked almost the entire length of the trail.  At first, my 5 year old was unhappy about hitting the trails instead of the beach but once we started walking, she became more interested in her surroundings, although she did wish it was more adventurous rather than “just walking!”  My 2 year old on the other hand enjoyed every second making delightful noises as she purposely stepped and jumped off every big rock she saw on the trail.


With a half mile to go, we reached the part of the trail where we had to climb up a hill.  I encouraged the girls to race against me – the several strides I ran is actually the most I’ve done since Marine Corps Marathon.  The past two weeks I’ve ran ZERO mileage 😦   My right ankle has not completely healed so in the meantime, I’ve been spending time at the gym strength training.  I did tell myself I need to take a little break from running to fix my muscle imbalances – it’s been a work in progress and need to focus on it more.  Yet not running makes me feel incomplete…

Hill climb Back to the hill climb, Eyva was determined to make it up to the top reminding me of myself when I attack a hill during a run. And when she reached the top, that’s when she finally realized she was tired, needed a break and eventually wanted to be carried.  We all had a great time and would definitely explore the rest of the kid-friendly trails!

Lucky for us, we still had Sunday to finish the weekend basking under the sun on the beach.  Our choice was Silver Strand beach inside the Naval Amphibious base.  Only a few other beachgoers were there so it felt as though we were on our own private beach.  And the best part of our day was hunting for sand dollars – we found several live ones crawling on the sand velvet in color and threw them right back in the water.  The white ones with its beautiful intricate design we kept for ourselves, of course.

It was another glorious weekend in sunny and beautiful San Diego!

How was your weekend?  Any time spent outdoors? Would rather hike in the mountains or play in the sand on the beach?  Anyone else taking a long break from running after recently finishing a marathon?