Hip hip hooray!  Three cheers for running three days this week (11/30-12/7).  After a month off, I appreciate the delight running brings to my life even more:)  A couple of weeks ago, I decided to join the twitter world under my blog’s name, ‘myRUNexperiment’ and discovered a wealth of information shared through this form of social media. Sometimes my head hurts trying to sort out who I want to follow, what posts to read now and which ones to save for later.  I did find some fun run challenges to do with the opportunity to win prizes such as The December Run Challenge hosted by RunSteffRun and RunChatHunt (a Scavenger Hunt while out on your run) by TheRunChat.

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Quick look at Training

Tomorrow we start week 5 of training with the Super Bowl Run 10K race on Saturday instead of our usual long run.  My first race of the season of which my #1 goal is to PR (as I doubt myself after just typing it…)  My PR at this race is tough to beat as I was very fit when I ran it many years ago – 7 years to be exact so I’m setting a second goal to beat my time from last year. “Dream, Believe, Achieve”, Right!?

The past four weeks of training has gone well.  Besides the tightness in my right hamstring, I have no complaints.  My performance seems to be improving every week and I feel strong during our weekly track sessions.  So far, my training has consisted of 4 days of running with additional core work and an extra day of strength training.  I have taken 1 to 2 days off for recovery but that doesn’t mean I just sit on the couch all day.  After all, I do have 2 kids who keeps me on my toes most of the time.  And worst, I don’t want to be part of the statistic where sedentary behavior increases the risk of early death, regardless of exercise!

Yesterday, the San Diego Track Club ventured up north to the San Dieguito River Valley trails in Escondido.  It was my first time running there as I usually miss the north county runs since the drive is time-consuming (about 40min one way), but I’m happy I decided to run this one.  I’m not much of a trail runner since my foot control is terrible and I usually end up tripping over myself, but the trails we ran were mostly leveled with only a few slight inclines along the way.  Plus being surrounded by nature is simply energizing – I completed 7 miles but I felt as though I could have ran forever.

           Mule Hill Trail


Just another ordinary early Saturday morning. Up at 5am to get ready for a 6:30 run with the Chicago marathon training group. It was my first 20 miler for the training season. I was sort of dreading this day since all week I had this nagging soreness in my right foot probably due to the hilly route I mapped out for my long run last week. Definitely a miscalculation on my part since I didn’t expect the severity of the ascents and descents even after checking the elevation profile. While on that run, I even stopped to ask myself if I should continue or find a flatter course but for some odd reason, I desperately wanted to view the beach.  It was worth the effort as I took a short break to enjoy the scenery.  However, the run back was a struggle.

The hills were worth it
The hills were worth it

Anyway, this Saturday was a flat course around Mission Bay towards Mission Beach.  I was in luck as a group of runners whom I know and can keep up in pace showed up for the run.  They kept me company for 14 miles and one even stayed with me for the entire 20 as he needed the mileage to finish off his 60 mile week!  That’s what I’ve been missing during my training – the social aspect of running.  The miles I ran with them were comfortable and absolutely enjoyable.  My feet didn’t even bother me at all.  To top it all off, around mile 16 I passed one of the best American marathoners out on his training run and quickly I greeted him “Hey Meb!”  He waved back and a second later, he was gone.  I was in AWE, of course.  Even though it was only a brief moment, this was exactly the motivation I needed to push me through the final 4 miles of my run.

This pic was taken by one of the runners from the Chicago training group as they were already done with their run.
This pic was taken by one of the runners from the Chicago training group as they were already done with their run.