Altitude run – Mammoth

Gasping for air as I slowly trekked up a hill. Catching my breath during the descent.  Our hour run along the path from Twin Lakes towards Lake Mary was a huffing and puffing trek for me.  My friend and I stopped when we reached the lake to absorb the beautiful scenery and yes, to take in a few deep breaths before we headed back to where we started.  This was my Labor Day weekend “long run”.

Beautiful Lake Mary view

Only an hour but I felt wiped out in the end.  Of course, altitude was the main culprit, but I’m sure the sleepless night I shared with my daughters and hubby contributed as well.  Isabel, at 11 mos, was her first time tent camping and Eyva’s 3rd.  I anticipated the lack of sleep, but made the commitment to run no matter what. Plus having a friend to run with me made it so much easier to get out there.

Although I was already exhausted, going for a hike with my family on one of many scenic trails in Mammoth was not something I would pass up.  However, my husband picked a challenging trail in Tom’s Place with steep ascents/descents.  We completed a 2 mile hike and with an 18lb baby in a front pack, my legs terribly ached towards the end.  I was not expecting an additional workout that day but it was all worthwhile in the end.