2016 Races and Training Plan

The New Year is only a few days away and I finally came up with a race plan for 2016.  I decided to focus on half marathons with the goal of achieving a PR (1:44 is the magic number).  Due to schedule and budget constraints, I usually limit the number of races averaging 5 to 7 a year.

Since 2008, I’ve signed up to train with the San Diego Track Club (SDTC) Rockin n Runnin marathon training program.  This program has so many awesome perks including 2 free races (Cardiff Kook 10K and Sue Krenn 15K), but what I love most about it is the motivation it provides to push yourself to achieve your best especially during tough workouts.  The year I joined this program in 2008 was the year I qualified for Boston.  And as Meb mentioned below, Coach Greer is the BEST 🙂


This program’s training plan is specifically for the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon in early June, however due to the popularity of the half marathon portion of the race, it now also offers a half marathon training plan.  However, with my first half marathon only 11 weeks away, I decided to write a personalized training plan based on what I learned studying for my Run-Fit Specialist certification, which I recently passed! (More about this certification on a later post).  December has been the month for building a base as well as focusing on strength and YES, I am still on my strength training streak until New Year’s Day.

My training plan starts the second week of January with 25 miles/week to a maximum of 38 miles/week, with a 2 week taper.  Each week will include 4 days of running:  1) Easy run Mondays 2) speedwork on Tuesdays with SDTC  3) acidosis threshold or lactate threshold runs on Thursdays after the 4th week 4) long runs on Saturdays with SDTC.  As you can see, my maximum weekly mileage is only 38 miles.  Will this be enough to reach my PR goal in March?  My maximum mileage going into MCM was 48 and I finished in approx 3:51.  The 10k results in February will determine my level of fitness and I can better assess my goal time for my first half marathon of the year.  Fortunately, I still have 2 more half marathons in my schedule to reach for that magic number!

Feb:   Cardiff Kook 10K (2/7)

Mar:  Sue Krenn 15K (3/?), San Diego Half Marathon (3/13)

May:  Mountains to Beaches Half Marathon (5/29)

Jul:     Scripps Ranch 4th of July 10K (tentative)

Aug:   Balboa 8miler (8/?)

Nov:   USA Half Marathon (11/19)

What’s your maximum mileage training for a half marathon?  Do you have plans to join a marathon/half marathon training program?  How many races are you running in 2016?




Family trip to Washington DC and Marine Corps Marathon Race Recap

3 days post marathon, I am sitting on my couch right foot propped up with frozen cherries on a swollen ankle, replaying the race in my head mile by mile.  Fortunately, much of the swelling has already gone down and I can finally walk without a limp.   The aftermath of chasing a sub-4:00 finish which I proudly achieved!  Let me backtrack to the day when we arrived in DC. Continue reading “Family trip to Washington DC and Marine Corps Marathon Race Recap”

2014 Wrap-up

What a year!  In January, I decided 2014 was my comeback year to run a half marathon, a full marathon and a few shorter races in between.  I also wanted to see if I was still capable to achieve a personal best in any of the races I ran – somewhat of a lofty goal I realized for someone who took a few years off from long-distance training.  A total of 6 races accomplished – 10k, 8mile, 15k, 2 half marathons and a marathon!  Overall I am satisfied with my overall performance.  None of them were a PR, but I finished strong and recovered rather quickly in the majority of the races.  However, there is always room for improvement: 1) my total mileage build-up for both half-marathons and marathon could have been slightly higher than what I did (approx only 30+mi for halfs and 40+mi for full) 2) Set aside time for strength/core training even if it’s only 30min/week.

After the NYC marathon, I took a break from any form of exercise for a week, then slowly introduced a little bit of cross-training, then some easy running.  The last two months of the year mainly consisted of cross-train/easy runs plus strength/core/balance training in preparation for the 2015 training season.  So far, I have my sights on two half-marathons – March/July and possibly another fall marathon (Portland or DC?) with of course, a couple of 5k/10k/15ks sprinkled throughout the season. I am hopeful and determined to set some PRs in 2015!

T – 2 days

The past three weeks were somewhat of a blur. I completed my second 20 miler and topped my weekly mileage to 43 miles. Then my mileage quickly dropped off as I tried to recover from a dreadful cough which lasted for 1.5 weeks. The cough is now gone but I feel exhausted from my daily activities with the girls.
So here I am traveling solo – my first time away from my daughters – already missing them but enjoying the peace and solitude.
Ultimately my goal is to completely soak in the NYC experience and enjoy the race. I would be very happy with a 4 hr marathon but anywhere between 4 and 4:30 is a satisfactory finish.