myRUNweek (3) SD Half Training

1/18 – 1/24 Week 3:

This week went by quickly and somewhat of a blur to me.  Besides the nightly interrupted sleep therefore feeling exhausted, I achieved my pace and mileage goals for the week.

M:  Day off for the kids and hubby so instead of my usual run on the treadmill, I ran 4 easy miles (9:29/mi) around the neighborhood.  I was really dragging that day and delayed my run until late in the afternoon.  Unexpected, I was sore from the yoga workout on Sunday.

T:  My schedule didn’t allow for a track workout with the San Diego Track Club.  Rather, I did a 4mi speed workout on the treadmill (3 x 800s avg 3:35) followed by a series of assisted pull-ups and push-ups.  Another night of interrupted sleep and wondering when it’s going to end?!!!

W – At home Kettlebell/Medicine ball strength workout.  I like the option of staying home to do a workout but I really have to work on maintaining focus.

R – 6.2mi easy (9:31/mi) around Balboa Park+ Form Drills.  I really appreciate the limitless options of places to run around San Diego.  Thursday, both kids were in school so this is when I schedule my medium-long runs and I try to vary the location each week.

F – Strength train (Deadlifts/Pushups, Squat and Press, Pull-ups/BOSU pushups, and a few exercises on the TRX).  I had 45-min before my volunteer work at my 5yr old’s school as a teacher’s helper.  Today, I listened to the kids individually read a picture book with 2 to 3 word sentences. Most were excellent readers but some struggled.  Reading is a significant skill to learn and always best to start introducing books to kids at an early age. It was disheartening to discover that a couple of kids didn’t even recognize their sight words and these words were introduced to them at the beginning of the school year. However, I was grateful to have the opportunity to work with them even if only for a short time.  The teacher appreciates any type of assistance.  Plus I have the chance to spy on my girl and see how she interacts in school!😉

Sat-Rest.  Truly a lazy day.  I couldn’t make it to my usual morning long run since I had to take care of the kids and rescheduled it to Sunday.  The only activity I did was walk to the park for Eyva’s soccer practice and a few chores around the house.

Sun – 10.6 mi Long (9:00/mi) around Balboa Park.  Fortunately, a few people from the track club as well as my best friend meets for an easy Sunday run around the park and I decided to join them.  Long runs with a group feel effortless (most of the time) so I always prefer to run with at least one person.

Weekly Total: Mileage 24.8mi/Strength 1:30

How many hours of sleep do you need to fully function the next day?


4 thoughts on “myRUNweek (3) SD Half Training

    1. Sorry to hear about the insomnia. 7 hours for me as well, but wouldn’t mind if I got more. Not sure what’s been waking up my 2 yr old, but it’s been at least two weeks that she’s doing it! 😦


  1. Nice job this week! Ugh, I am so with you on the insomnia. I had a terrible lack of sleep streak going. It’s terrible! I need a good night’s sleep to function – like 7-8 hours is ideal. I can function on 6, and I can be okay on 5 with a LOT of coffee, but any less than that and I am useless! SO frustrating. Glad to hear you had a good speed workout on the treadmill today – I have one of those myself this afternoon!


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