Hip hip hooray!  Three cheers for running three days this week (11/30-12/7).  After a month off, I appreciate the delight running brings to my life even more:)  A couple of weeks ago, I decided to join the twitter world under my blog’s name, ‘myRUNexperiment’ and discovered a wealth of information shared through this form of social media. Sometimes my head hurts trying to sort out who I want to follow, what posts to read now and which ones to save for later.  I did find some fun run challenges to do with the opportunity to win prizes such as The December Run Challenge hosted by RunSteffRun and RunChatHunt (a Scavenger Hunt while out on your run) by TheRunChat.

Tuesday I ran 4 miles pushing a 24 pound load – my 2 year old in a stroller! It’s been a couple of months since I took her running with me so I wasn’t sure what to expect if after a few minutes she would want to get out of the stroller.  So I came prepared with a snack and planned a route to allow for plenty of stops along the way to keep her entertained.  We went to Balboa Park, one of my favorite places to run in San Diego.  The park was adorned with holiday decorations for my daughter to see so she was content the entire time.  Our run also ended at the playground as I promised to give her a chance to play.

Santa Claus sighting
Watch out for the Grinch!

On Thursdays, both my daughters are in school allowing for some “ME” time.  It was a gorgeous sunny day so I ran 4 miles on the trails near my neighborhood.  I don’t frequent the trails because my sense of awareness is horrible usually tripping on branches or rocks if I’m not being extra careful.  However, I enjoyed the change of scenery, the view of the mountains, and running on softer terrain rather than the hard concrete.

Captured a cool pic of the sun radiating on me

Saturday is my favorite day to run.  Waking up early long before anyone else is up and enjoying a quiet breakfast.  Rarely any vehicles on the road as I drive to where our group is meeting for the long run.  Usually we have 3 to 5 people running in our group but this past Saturday, there were 7 of us.  None of us are training for any races in particular, most are in the base building phase until our official training program starts in January.  I enjoy running with a group of friends since it’s not very often I can have a conversation without constantly being interrupted (Yes, we are still in the process of teaching our children it’s rude to interrupt when adults are talking!). Armed with my phone, I tried to recall what was on the list for the RunChatHunt challenge and as we went over a bridge towards the end of our run, I remembered that a bridge was one of the search items.  I don’t like to stop to take pictures while I’m running with a group.  My run and shoot bridge photo didn’t turn out too bad.


Happy to say to this day, Day 12 my strength streak is still in full force.   Almost didn’t happen yesterday as I overslept (10 hours yikes!) thanks to my husband to allow me to sleep in.  My body must have needed the extra sleep to recover.  Having a TRX handy at home made it possible to include a 15 min quick full body workout midday.

Challenges are necessary in our lives.  Without it, we will never know what our body is capable of achieving.  Let your body experience stress for it will adapt and a stronger you will emerge.


I appreciate your comments

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